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28 October 2018 Malachi 1v6

Second in the series of stupid questions in Malachi … “how have we shown contempt for your name?”


21 October 2018 Malachi 1v2

This week we start a mini series on stupid questions asked by the people of God in book of Malachi. Today’s stupid questions is “but how have you loved us?”.


30 September 2018 John 11v25

This morning, Julian tackles the account of the resurrection of Lazarus and Jesus statement “I am the resurrection and the life”

Audio only this week.


23 September 2018 John 10v1-21

In this week’s message, Julian tackles Jesus statement “I am the good shepherd”


Audio only is below:


16 September 2018 John 10v9

This week, continuing in the “I am” statements of Jesus, we consider Jesus’ statement that he is the door.


9 September 2018 John 8v12

Today Sophie continues in our series on the I am sayings of Jesus by considering I am the light of the world and what that means for us.

Unfortunately audio only this week. Sorry.


Sunday 26 August 2018 – John 8v58

This week, Julian starts our new series on the “I AM” sayings of Jesus by looking at Jesus statement “before Abraham was born, I am” in John 8:58.



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