What We Do


In this small snapshot on this page it is not possible to cover every base about what worship is, worship is so much more than just singing songs


We believe that a reading of the Biblical evidence shows that God intends small groups to be a key element in His plan. Christ concentrated

Reaching Out

Why wouldn’t we want to reach out? – We have found something that has totally transformed us, it has given fulness and meaning to our lives!


In the Gospels we read an account of a meal that Jesus had with his disciples in an upper room just before he was arrested and crucified,


We believe that the baptism we read about in the bible involves “full immersion” in water, Paul writes that as we go into the water it is a picture

Ministry and Service

We believe that we are a body, that every one has a role to play. We believe that God is unconcerned with such things as age or gender

A Member's Blog

Departing for some Solitude and Warmth

Sitting here I am thinking about friendship, family and God My two best friends are going through some personal problems in their lives and I

Verse for the day

I am continuing my journey with The Seed, our fellowship church and learning every day what it is to be a good Christian. Reading and learning e

The journey so far……………

A brief update blog…………….. Seekingthe right church As a result of my mission trip to the Philipinnes I have become more actively invo

Christmas 2016 ..December so far

This is my second blog for December, my first about my dear son Gavin looking after all the children in Heaven. A lot has happened in December,